small screen shot of Music Transcription Software program

Learn any lick to any song!  Free!

Music Transcription Software - Use with any instrument Locate it, loop it, slow it down... Nail it! Learn all the licks from the masters past and present. Uncover their genius and make it your own...

small screen shot of Guitar Chord Finder program

Find Chords and hear them play  Free!

Guitar Chord Finder - You've tried the rest, now try the best. With over 3000 chords at your fingertips. Search by key, chord type, string, frets etc..

small screen shot of Guitar Scales Practice Aid program

Guitar Scales Practice Aid  Free!

Guitar Scales - Practice aid covers CAGED, horizontal, and 3 note per string patterns. Audio and video cues, continuous loop, speed variation, printouts, and more...

small screen shot of Fretboard Memory program

Memorize the Entire Fretboard  Free!

Fretboard Memory - Fast, Fun, and Easy! Memorize the notes for the entire guitar neck. Learn and Test modes. Configure any combination of strings and frets to test.

Small screen shot of Notation Memory program

Memorize Notes of the Staff  Free!

Notation Memory - Memorize the names of all the lines and spaces of the musical staff. Covers bass and treble clef or treble clef only.

small screen shot of Metronome program

Practice in perfect time Free!

Metronome - Keep perfect time. Audio & video cues. Distinct tone and color for first beat of measure if desired. Multiple time signatures. Vary beats per minute from 30 to 200.

small screen shot of Guitar Tuner program

Tune your guitar  Free!

Guitar Tuner - For a quick alternative to expensive tuners. No batteries or wires required. Nothing to plug in. Audio tones output through your computer speaker. Tune up or down in half step increments.

small screen shot of Blank Sheet Music Program

Blank Sheet Music Paper Maker   Free!

Blank Sheet Music Maker - Need printouts of sheet music? This tool can be configured to print out any combo of treble, bass, tab and chord grids. Free!

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